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Brewing the World’s Great Beers – By Dave Miller

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Brewing the World’s Great Beers – By Dave Miller
A step-by-step guide

This was the most balanced book I could find on how to brew beer at home. Some books go into too much detail about all sorts of things such as PH, water balance, and yeast cell counts. This book mentions those concepts briefly but stays focused on helping you learn to brew step by step. Other books omit too many details, or glaze over certain key concepts and left me a little confused. It is easy to read and contains plenty of drawings. The tables are also useful to refer back to.

This book has great information on advanced concepts. For those of you looking into going ‘all-grain’, this book contains a full explanation of the additional equipment you will need and the procedure. Interested in kegging, force carbonation, filtering? This book has that too.

Topics Unique to this book:

  • One of the best explanations on brewing for beginners.
  • Brewing with malt extract plus steeping grains.
  • How to start all grain brewing: mashing, lautering, and sparging.
  • Using draft systems, kegs, CO2 for bottling, large batch brewing.

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